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Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

BioSure Professional produces ozonated water or aqueous ozone? Does it comply with international off-gas safety standards?

BioSure products use electrolytic, both direct and through PEM generation, to seamlessly create ozonated water directly from the water. Ozonated water is a dissolution of gas and water. The ozone gas is contained in the water. Yes, BioSure products comply with international off-gas standards and are safe to use in ventilated spaces.  

Most ozone generators require frequent air quality treatment to maintain their performance. Why doesn't BioSure Professional need to monitor air quality?

BioSure and BES products use patented electrolytic ozone generation that uses water as the input to create the ozone. In this way, BioSure and BES products do not need to monitor air quality.

Ozonated water vs chemical disinfectant solution. Why is the concentration of aqueous ozone important? What concentration of ozonated water is right for my operation?

Ozonated water is highly oxidative, roughly 1ppm of ozonated water has the same oxidizing power as 50ppm of chlorine-based disinfectants. Your concentration of ozonated water is determined for your application. Please speak with a BioSure representative or a BioSure certified technician to determine your need.

EPA said good ozone up high and bad ozone nearby. After knowing the advantages of applying ozone water, can I use ozonated water indoor? What about NOx - a toxic by-product? What is BioSure Professional’s solution?

Yes, ozone water is safe to use inside as long as the space is well ventilated. BioSure products do not use air as an input and therefore have no harmful waste by-products including NOx. BioSure uses patented electrolytic technology that produces ozone or ozonated water from water. 

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