About Us

Why We Started

Maxwell Hsu started BES Group, the parent company of BioSure in 1988 as Biotek Environmental Science Ltd. Having run a successful small appliance business, he was looking for technologies that improve people’s health, as some of his family members were suffering from illnesses related to environmental conditions. Maxwell met a professor in the United States developing technologies for improving people’s health, with ozone generators being among them. In The late 1980s, ozone generators in the US were used for municipal water treatment, purifying sewage water. The professor sent information on ozone, and Maxwell got to work developing ozone technology. He started from a giant-sized ozone generator and reduced the size to a handheld ozone generator. Biotek was the first company to mass-produce small ozone generators for home use. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to standardize ozone as a disinfectant instead of as an alternative. 

Our Values 

We aim to deliver products with three main attributes:

1. Safety

2. Performance

3. Reliability

Our Promise

While other ozone generators diffuse ozone in the water, BioSure ozone generators dissolve ozone in the water so chemical byproducts don’t get released. We test all products in a 3rd party lab and do thorough in-house reliability testing to ensure a high standard of performance and quality. We have over 30 years of experience in reliable product design. The technology is made to work and built to last.

Company History

  • The early 1990s: We made corona discharge ozone generators. Japan’s health ministry said to stop selling it to Japan, because they found toxic byproduct from these devices, NOx. Rather than stopping the business, we continued to invest into new technologies.
  • The late 1990s: People were studying fuel cells and Maxwell had an idea: Use water to produce super pure oxygen, and then super pure ozone. This is our core technology.
  • 2000s: BioSure got several patents and built the first electrolytic ozone generator prototypes. We started traveling to the US, Europe, Japan, and beyond, educating customers on ozone technologies.
  • 2010s: BioTek Environmental split into two brands: BioSure for commercial applications, and Biolux for consumer applications. The technology was refined and made into ever smaller appliances while ozone purity reached 28%, the highest in the market.
  • 2020 and beyond: We are making products as user-friendly as possible, a big difference between BES / BioSure and other companies. BioSure products are easy to install and maintain.

The World’s No.1 Manufacturer of Electrolytic Ozone Solutions

We now have a reputation as being the best in the world for electrolytic ozone generators across the globe. BES has international distribution networks via joint ventures and an international team at their headquarters. BES and BioSure is now the largest electrolytic ozone generator manufacturer in the world handling a variety of industries, from healthcare, dentistry, food, and beverage, to manufacturing, bottling, and high precision industries.

Over our 32 years of service, we have obtained over 60 patents which are certified by leading international and independent testing agencies for product safety and durability. 

We strive to continually develop innovative products to enhance the competitiveness, efficiency, and experience of our end users. The electrolytic method used by the BES Group produces the highest gas purity in the ozone industry, offering superior disinfection results to our customers. 

BioSure aims to offer safe, high-performance, and durable products that allow users to live a healthy lifestyle. Our products are built to be used and built to work.

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