Sanitizing at Sea- How Argo Yacht Club Uses BioSure WDS to Prevent Biofilm


Yacht clubs and yacht owners worldwide have been reassessing how they sanitize their public venues and how
yacht maintenance and disinfection can be optimized. Installing electrolytic ozone generator devices on yacht
faucets for washing and sanitizing food and, as well as washing hands has made sanitation a breeze without the
need for chlorine or 75% alcohol.

The Problem

Yacht owners may believe they are safe if they are the only occupants of their yacht, but moving around within the marina and yacht club poses risks of COVID-19 infection. Yacht club staff must take charge of sanitizing public areas, and yacht owners and or caretakers face the challenge of putting in place proper sanitization measures on their vessels. Viruses spread quickly in poorly ventilated, enclosed spaces filled with people, and yachting is no exception. Yacht clubs should also be aware of the threat of biofilm growth on surfaces and in areas that do not dry easily, especially in humid environments. This biofilm may cause food contamination, interfere with the operational efficiency of water systems, and with the yachts and marinas themselves, as they can cause rust and other damage to metal surfaces. Traditional methods of sanitation and disinfection at yacht clubs involve using chemical solutions such as 75% alcohol, bleach, and chlorine, which can leave harmful residue and toxins. Plus, chemical sanitation methods leave a margin for human error and are unstable, harmful, and still pose a risk of contamination.

Solution: BioSure Electrolytic Ozone Solutions

Management at a yacht club in Taiwan successfully replaced traditional sanitation with the BioSure Professional Space Sanitizer System Plus (SSS+), Ozone Spray Bottle Pro (OSB Pro), and Ozone Water Disinfection System (WDS) in order to combat the COVD-19 pandemic and ensure the best possible precautionary measures to minimize the spread of infection. The BioSure Professional provides a safer and more effective ozone water sanitation that removes 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. The commercial faucet integration eliminates unwanted bacteria in filtered water and water lines, as well as provides ozonated water for sanitation purposes. The WDS applies maximum efficiency with an intelligent and compact design that requires minimal maintenance.

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